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OTC Desk

Crypto OTC Trading

What is the DCEX OTC?

DCEX offers the best Over-the-counter (OTC) trading experience. We offer deeper liquidity and a private, more personalized service to institutions and high net-worth individuals needing to fill large orders that might be too disruptive if placed on open markets at the exchanges.


Members of the desk have vast trading industry experience, having previously excelled at major financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, UBS, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. As an OTC client you’ll receive daily trade and market recaps, as well as expert desk opinions on the current crypto market.
Tailor Made Trading Solutions
We tailor our trading solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements. With us, clients can outsource as much or as little of their trading, achieve speed and liquidity, while also maintaining full control.
In-house trading teams can be stretched. We help firms by offering trading on an ad-hoc basis, augmenting existing in-house teams. We facilitate our clients’ time intensive or illiquid trades by executing in the most liquid venues.
We offer the ability to outsource your entire trading function to us, reducing your fixed costs, improving execution, and leveraging the collective size of all our clients.
Even sophisticated and robust trading desks find value in our ability to trade on their behalf. Because we offer truly anonymous trading, we are a trusted partner.
Solutions Beyond the Trade
As traders with a long tenure in this business, we have learned that delivering liquidity is not enough. We also offer a consultative approach, a high-touch service, and issuer insights that allow us to trade effectively on clients’ behalf.

Our 360-degree perspective gives us knowledge about specific technologies, as well as up-to- the-minute knowledge of market depth. We know pricing trends – and in many cases, the

reasons behind those trends. We understand all the aspects that make best execution possible. Our traders consult with clients and provide strategic guidance that can make a significant difference in trading costs and performance.

Our clients can feel confident that we will provide an exceptional level of service from trade execution through settlement, delivering:
  • The best possible price
  • Minimal market impact
  • Trade transparency
  • The ability to trade anonymously
  • Insights to enhance performance
Because successful investing goes well beyond efficient trading, we couple trade support with the back-office services our clients require.
  • Efficient settlement
  • Ease of transfer crypto-to- crypto or crypto-to-fiat (at low cost)
  • Ability to provide custody services

To learn more please contact us at otc@dcex.com (email or skype)


Sign Up

Get started by simply emailing otc@dcex.com with your inquiry. When you decide you want to buy or sell a large number of digital assets over-the-counter, begin by approaching the DCEX OTC desk and completing the onboarding documentation.

On board

DCEX has a standard onboarding process with the highest level of verification, to enable large transactions. All OTC clients are required to complete KYC by providing various types of documentation such as a Government ID, Proof of Residence and Proof of Income.


Communicate via chat, text or voice call with the trade desk about your preferred trade. Ask your queries and we will get back to you with the appropriate answer.

Confirm Trade

Choose whether or not you wish to buy at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, and the trader will ask for a deposit address where they can send the purchased assets. After confirming the trade, wait for an email, it will have wire instructions for the OTC bank account to wire the funds.

Complete Trade

Once the DCEX OTC receives the wire, our trader will send the assets to the specified wallet address, along with a confirmation email to your inbox, and the trade is complete.