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Loans backed by Crypto

DCEX offers Loans backed by Crypto

Why take a loan using your crypto as collateral rather than selling it?

Bullish investors can use their cryptocurrency asset to cover the short term funding needs. Selling your crypto can trigger tax consequences but lending it won't.

How will a crypto loan work?

  • Contact our support team at loan@dcex.com
  • KYC steps will be handled by our team once you provide the required Identity documents.
  • Deposit crypto to apply for the loan.
  • Get $ loan at 50%-70% LTV for crypto within hours.

How do we keep crypto assets secure?

  • We've partnered with the best cryptocurrency custodies to keep your assets secure while you achieve your financial goals on crypto powered loans.
  • Triple verification to let any one person be in control of your asset.
  • Weekly detailed reports to show how we keep your crypto assets safe.

Reach out to us
We will reach out to you within 3-4 business days. If you have any questions please reach out at loan@dcex.com (email or skype)